Lupus Matters Corporation

Finding a CURE should matter...

Who We Are

I am a Lupus survivor & I have very supportive people in my corner.I love to spread awareness to people that have NEVER heard of it. I am a mother of a 20 yr old son. I am the type of person that you can ask anything about Lupus and how I deal with it and I will give you my honest,most sincere response. I love to meet people, especially when it comes to EDUCATING/ADVOCATING about Lupus . I was diagnosed with Lupus in Nov.2001. Since then I've written a book,a vegan recipe calendar,wrote the hit single "Ta All My Lupie Chix" the Lupus Matters Anthem.

We are set to release the Lupus matters Magazine in May and we are in production of our stage-play. so be on the lookout for some new and exciting things from Lupus Matters Corporation.

Thank you

Monica Ellis,CEO